Why study Drama GCSE?

There is a lot packed into this course but the good news is, most of the work is explored

practically! You will study two plays DNA by Dennis Kelly and A Taste of Honey by Shelagh

Delaney and learn the skills to create your own drama, as well as becoming a stronger and

more confident performer. As theatre review writing is part of the course, you will go to the

theatre at least twice to improve your knowledge of how theatre works. This course will lead

you onto A Level Drama or BTEC Level 3 if you are more into performing.

What will I study?

Component 1: This is where you will learn all of the skills to create and perform your own drama. You will keep a written portfolio of the process that you go through and finally perform your work to a live audience.

Component 2: You will study, through practical work, a complete play text. You will take two extracts from the play which you will perform to an examiner for your exam. You will rehearse and learn the two pieces and perform them for the examiner and a live audience.

Component 3:

  1. You will study the play DNA by Dennis Kelly, through practical work, to prepare you to write about it in a written exam.

  2. You will attend a professional theatre production and prepare to write about it in a written exam.


What happens in lessons?

You will spend most of your time in practical workshops, developing your skills, devising, rehearsing and exploring texts. You will learn how to keep a successful portfolio and rehearsal diary. You will spend some time writing about theatre and learning how to answer the exam questions. When you study DNA for the exam, this will be practical and then you will learn how to answer written questions.

How will I be assessed?

Component 1 – 40%:

  1. 1500-2000 word written portfolio about your devised piece.

  2. A 10 -20 minute devised performance for a live audience.


Component 2 -  20%:


You will perform two key extracts ten minutes in length each) from a Taste of Honey. These will be performed for a visiting examiner.


Component 3 – 40%:


Written exam:

  1. One question broken into six parts based on an unseen extract from DNA by Dennis Kelly.

  2. Two questions on a live theatre performance that you will have seen.


What skills will I need?

You bring creativity, enthusiasm and positive feelings about performing and we will develop your confidence, understanding and your skills.

Curriculum Leader of CPA - Ms Kelly

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