GCSE Results 2018-19

As always, we are very proud of the achievements of our Year 11 students and it was incredible to see all their hard work pay off during this year's results day. 

All schools are measured using a progress measure called progress 8. This measure shows students' progress across eight subjects: English; mathematics; three other subjects (sciences, computer science, geography, history and languages); and three further subjects, or any other approved, high-value arts, academic, or vocational qualifications. 

Progress 8 scores are categorised into 'well below average', 'below average', 'average', 'above average' and 'well above average'. 

At Winterhill, our 2018-19 results has placed us in the 'average' category,

with a score of which  only 37% of schools in England achieve. 

For more information on our overall results statistics,please click

on the gov.uk icon. 

Well done to the class of 2018-19!

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