Homework Guide for Parents


Why does my child need to do homework?

Homework encourages students to develop the skills needed to become independant learners. It consolidates and extends the work that they do in the classroom and helps students to take responsibility for their learning.

In addition, students need to prepare for their GCSE, BTEC and other high quality vocational subjects. Homework provides an opportunity for students to check and reinforce their understanding of the topics studied in school.


How much homework will my child be set?

The exact amount of homework set and the length of time given to complete it will vary due to the type of task set and it's purpose.

Homework will not be set according to a rigid timetable but will be set on the most appropriate day. Teachers will set deadlines carefully to avoid overloading students.

Homework is set according to the guideline below:


What kinds of tasks will be set?

  • Research
  • Projects
  • Surveys
  • Report Writing
  • Tasks to consolidate learning
  • Model Making
  • Essay Writing
  • Revision
  • Preparation/reading for a lesson
  • Online test/materials

What can I do to help my child with their homework?

  • Try to provide them with a suitable place to complete their homework or encourage them to use after school facilities.
  • Support the school in the setting of homework and explaining how it will aid their progress.
  • Encouraging them to regularly check their learning toolkit and show my homework in order to best manage their time and meet all homework deadlines.
  • Take an active and positive interest in their work.
  • Praise your son/daughter for completing tasks set.
  • Encourage them to establish good work patterns e.g completing tasks soon after they get home.
  • Help them to plan out the time required to complete lengthy or numerous tasks.
  • Parents whose first language is not English can help them by discussing their homework with them in their first language.


            Show My Homework           

Show My Homework is the new online homework tool being used this term to support students manage their homework deadlines.

You can check the school calendar to see details of your child's homework by either using the link from the school website or directly at 


If you have any specific concerns about your son or daughter's homework then please contact their subject teacher or Behaviour for Learning Leader.

Click on the PDF below on how to access the parent's guide to show my homework