SIMS Parental Engagement

We have changed the SIMS gateway to School Gateway  as it gives a better and more reliable experience for parents to monitor and follow what their children are doing at Winterhill school. The new site can be found at;

If you haven't logged on before you will need to register on the website, it is very easy and uses the mobile number and email address you have registered with the school. Simply cick on the link above and then on the 'New User' tab or click on the direct link below to take you to the new user page.

Register page

You will be asked to enter the email address and mobile number that Winterhill School contacts you on and press the ‘Send PIN’ button. You will then be sent a new PIN number by text message.
Click HERE to download the guide to the new SIMS gateway.
If you need to update your email address or mobile number please contact the Data team at school (01709 740232) For safeguarding reasons you will be asked to confirm who you are before any information is changed regarding parental comminications.
For any other questions please email