Statutory Policies and Links

A range of statutory information about the school in pdf format. Click on the descriptions on the left to open the document.


  Annual Report and Financial Statements Period Ended 31 August 2016
  Details of the schools accessibility plan
  The school's attendance policy
  Our whole school policy for safeguarding.


How the school supports students eligible for pupil funding


How the school supports students eligible for 'Catch up Premium' funding


Details of the schools admissions procedures


The school's policy on behaivour


The school's information report on students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

  The school's policy on Special Educational Needs & Disabilities 2016-2017


The school's policy on students with physical and medical needs


The school's most recent Ofsted report (2013)


The school's policy on charging


The school's most recent achievement & performance data (2016/17)

  The schools current privacy notice
  Guidance on Complaints Procedure
  Complaints Form
  The whole school's policy on effective discipline and good behaviour
  Details of the schools health and safety policy