Religious Studies

Subject Leader Religious Studies - Mrs Hutchesson

Why Study RS?

Religious Studies is a very popular subject at Winterhill. We have a specialist team who are

dedicated and passionate about the subject. We are proud of the results our students have

achieved year after year and hope this will continue for many years to come.

If, like us, you are interested in the way modern society functions, as well as looking at the views of others in relation to issues such as; animal rights, the creation theory, the use of nuclear weapons, the roles of men and women and what happens after death, amongst many others, then this is the subject for you!

What happens in lessons?

Current GCSE students will tell you that lessons are interesting and include a wide range of activities right from Y7. As soon as you begin Religious Studies lessons, we encourage you to discuss your different opinions to help you develop debating skills as well as boosting confidence. Within lessons, we also use the media to exemplify some of the current religious and moral issues in the world. There’s also opportunity to work on the skills you need to answer assessment and exam questions. These are marked using peer, self and teacher assessment.

What will I study?

You will complete 6 units of study over a three year period.

To understand the world we live in, you will study the beliefs and practices of two religions in depth. This year, these religions will be Christianity and Islam.

You will complete four themes which focus on everyday life and ethics. These are relationships and families, Religion and life, peace and conflict and crime and punishment.

How will I be assessed?

You will need to be competent in English as you are expected to produce lengthy responses to questions. There are two papers to be taken, both are 1 hour 45 minutes.

Paper 1 will assess knowledge and understanding of the religions studied and paper 2 will assess knowledge and understanding of the four themes studied.

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