Rewarding Students

At Winterhill school we provide many different platforms for students to achieve success and be rewarded. We reward students for a variety of reasons and they can do this in every lesson throughout the day as well as after school. Below are the ways we celebrate success


Achievement Points


Achievement points can be gained in every lesson throughout the day.  This can be for academic success, handing in Homework or even for just being polite and respectful. These points are gained throughout the year and are built up to give a total in the year end.


Rewards Assemblies


We celebrate how many achievement points students have got at the end of each term. We do by separating the points into: Bronze/Silver and Gold as well as other categories that like into the achievement point titles. Each students depending on how many point they have gained will be given a certificate to celebrate their achievement. As a school we are lucky enough to be sponsored by: Cineworld/Sheffield international venues/jump as well as other different local companies. The companies donate rewards such as : free Cinema tickets/ice skating tickets as well as many different free entries. Every students has the opportunity to strive for the bigger rewards through achievement.

Governors Awards


This is a more formal event which takes place at Cineworld Sheffield in one of the cinema screens. Students are nominates by teachers for many different reasons and they are invited to the event with the families to celebrate.  Students are present with a Governors award certificate which is something they keep to show future employers.


Weekly league


At the end of every week an email is sent out to all tutors which breaks down specific year group information and 3 students are nominated for showing Respect, Resilience and Responsibility. The Winterhill core values. These are read out in tutor groups to celebrate their success


Subject Champions


At the end of every week we ask all teachers to nominate two students (one from each key stage) for standing out the most in their subjects. This information is then collated and all nominations are put into a draw where one winner from each key stage is chosen. Every student that is nominated will receive 15 achievement points for their nomination and 25 points for winning. Every winner will also be placed into a draw where a winner will be chosen at the end of every term. Prizes to be confirmed.


Positive phone calls and post cards


Staff will regularly make positive phone home to praise students and ensure that parents and carers are kept up-to-date with how well their students are doing. We also like to send postcards home for specific subject success.

100% attendance


At the end of each term we also recognise students that have achieved 100% attendance as this is a fantastic goal to achieve. For KS3 we put on a Movie club where all the students with 100% attendance . Students get to choose the film. Snacks and refreshments are provided

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