CPA -Art

Why Study Art?

Art gives you the opportunity to enjoy being creative and express your individuality. During Art

lessons, you will develop your visual communication skills and techniques using a wide range

of media. You will also be taught how to research, develop and express your personal ideas

through the study of other artists and designers.


What Will I Study?

You will generate ideas for images through research into other artists and art movements.

You will produce quality images in the art studio from observation or imagination using various drawing materials and techniques, including digital photography.

You will then learn how to develop these images using a range of processes including painting, collage, printmaking, 3D techniques and digital manipulation.


What Skills Will I Need?

You should be creative enough to have individual ideas and yet open minded enough to be inspired by others.

You will need to be an independent learner who is resilient enough to learn through trial and error.

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Curriculum Leader of CPA - Ms Kelly