Curriculum Leader - Mrs Thackery


What will I study? 

Within English you will study two separate subjects: English Literature and English Language which will

lead to two separate GCSEs. However, most importantly, your English lessons will allow you to explore

the world of literature and language, discover your own creative flair whilst learning through novels, film, drama and poetry. 

And if you like to learn a certain way, our lessons include discussion, creative writing as well as exploring historical context such as Victorian London and the Holocaust. You will cover a range of exciting texts such Harry Potter, Frankenstein, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, as well as a range of poetry, Shakespeare and non-fiction texts. Sounds brilliant, right?

How will I be assessed in Y7 and Y8?

Within Y7 and Y8 we follow the IMYC curriculum with thematic units such as communication, creativity and resilience. Through these themes, you will have regular assessments to test your progress in vital reading, writing and communication skills. Your progress is then measured on the Winterhill Steps scale, starting at step 1 and going up to step12. For each assessment, your teacher will give you personalised feedback with time allocated for you to act on this feedback. 

What will I study at GCSE?

At GCSE, we follow the AQA specification for English Literature and Language studying 5 hours a week, plus P7 sessions in Y11. For the GCSE exams, you will study A Christmas Carol, Lord of the Flies and Macbeth as well as 15 poems. Each exam is closed book, meaning you will be required to study and learn key quotes for each text. Furthermore, we also cover non fiction writing such as news articles from the modern day right back to the 19th century. 

How will I be assessed in Y9 - 11?

GCSE assessment is 100% exam with all exams sat at the end of Y11. Over the three years, you will have the opportunity to sit mock exams in the same style as your final exams. In lessons you will also have assessments with specific teacher feedback and allocated time for you the act on your feedback. 

How will I receive homework?

Homework is set regularly using Show My Homework. In Y7 and Y8 homework is also sent home within the IMYC booklets every unit. Homework is set to enhance learning within the classroom whilst also supporting the progress of our students.  

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