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Exams Information 

DfE Learning Records Service

This link to the LRS privacy notice summarises the information held on record about students, why it is held and the third parties with whom the data may be shared.

Please note this is specific to students over the age of 14 as they start to take their final exams.


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Review of Marking


If you have any queries regarding your final grades, please e-mail our Exams & Data Officer Mrs Green -


All the exam boards offer a “Review of Marking” service.  For a fee, the exam boards will review an exam to ensure that marks were allocated correctly.  This can lead to a grade being lowered, confirmed or raised.


If a student is one mark away from the next key grade within a subject we may support a marking review. 


If a student is more than one mark away from the next grade, in our experience, it is unlikely that their grade will change as the result or a marking review.  If you would like to pursue a marking review for any subject where there is more than one mark needed to be gained to move a grade we are able to offer advice on how to do this.  Please be aware that there is a cost to the service provided by the exam board that would need to be paid in advance.  This fee is repayable if the grade awarded changes.

Information for Candidates

Examination Rules and Regulations 


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