May 2018 film Review

This months review is by Joe
who was a VIP guest at:
Cineworld, Valley Centertainment
Brought Lane, Sheffield, S9 2EP
Tel: 0871 200 2000
Film: Avenger's Infinity War

On Sunday 6th May me and 3 friends went to watch Avenger’s infinity war. Let’s start by saying that I’m not much of a Marvel fan but watching this film may have changed my mind; watching it in IMAX makes all the difference, from the sound, to the amazing size of 16 meters by 22 meters. The cinema itself is really good.

How it works:  You queue, get a ticket and watch an amazing movie. The screen can make all the difference not once did my neck hurt from keeping it looking left or right the screen is just there in all of its glory.

IMAX is one of the best experiences you can have this day and age.  You can tell when things are going to happen when the sound causes your legs to tremble, it is absolutely great how all of it just works to make one of the finest nights I’ve had.


What the actual movie is about?

6 Infinity Stones, used together can be deadly. From start to finish, the latest instalment in the Avengers series is action packed, but with the largest amount of named characters in the series, you couldn’t expect anything less, that’s what makes the movie really good the fact that all your stars from every Marvel movie has a role from star lord to Ironman and to the mighty Thor. Evil overlord Thanos plans to cleanse the universe and make the world ‘a better place’.

To do so, he plans to purge half of the population. With Bruce Banner taking lead from the side line, having ‘Hulk problems’. He teams together Earths most  powerful heroes in attempt to fend of Thanos and his army. Introducing heroes such as Black Panther and Doctor Strange into the series to spice things up, will the Avengers defeat Thanos before it’s too late?

The movie itself provided a bit of a shock when many of our beloved characters perish but when you know there are prequels it all makes you want to carry watching and to come back next time. I know I certainly am going to the next Marvel film, as I wouldn’t miss it for anything since the movies are so well illustrated. However, the movie creates a sense of thrill for the audience as if you are actually there watching the battles in person, as everything is just so realistic on the big screen.

What makes it different?

From watching a movie on a normal 32 inch TV to a massive 1062 inch screen the difference is so significant that I can’t watch my own TV without feeling something is missing. The rush you get from being in those IMAX seats is truly wonderful, I couldn’t recommend the screen enough to you for my friends that had to pay they said “it was worth every penny.” That’s what makes Cineworld the best place to watch movies as they have the amazing IMAX.

If you love having a good time out with friends, or with family then IMAX, at Cineworld is the way to go.

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