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Headteacher's Welcome

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Mr Rhodes

Welcome to Winterhill,

Winterhill school is a high achieving, 11-16 school where our guiding principle, ‘Everyone Succeeds’ underpins our school values and ethos.

At Winterhill, we put great emphasis on personal development and academic achievement. We pride ourselves on upholding our values of respect, responsibility and resilience, which guide all aspects of school life and represent what we call, ‘The Winterhill Way,’ we expect our students to;


· Be proud of their own identity, respect themselves and have high aspirations

· Show respect to others through tolerance, acceptance and recognition of their rights as a British citizen



· Show responsibility through their actions and attitude

· Make a positive contribution to their Winterhill education


· Try their best and not give up

· Find ways to help themselves and others


We believe that all young people can succeed, and at Winterhill, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality teaching, clear, unambiguous standards and a motivating environment.


It is these daily elements of the Winterhill curriculum which support all students to reach their potential and find the skills and interests they can excel in.


Our continued success is also evident from our excellent results as well as our most recent OFSTED inspection in 2018. Once again, Winterhill was graded as a GOOD school, maintaining this grading from our previous inspection.

What we offer:

· Fantastic facilities and state of the art technology in a range of subjects.

· High quality teaching and learning from friendly, approachable, specialist teachers.

· A rich, broad and balanced curriculum with genuine choice and a long track record of success

· A wide range of enrichment opportunities in a range of subjects, including sports and the arts.

· Outstanding support for students’ personal development and well-being.

· Regular events to celebrate the success of your young people, eg. Governors’ awards.

· Superb annual events including our school production and sports day.

We look forward to meeting you

Yours sincerely,

Mr S. Rhodes

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