Health & Social Care

Subject Leader - Health & Social Care -  Mrs Cooper

Why study Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care is a successful course in school, and one which has an excellent reputation

for enabling students to achieve consistently at the highest levels.  It’s main focus is learning about

how people develop from 0-90, through different life stages and the impact various factors can

have on that journey in a negative/positive way.  You will look holistically at people, exploring their

physical, intellectual, emotional and social health, providing you with a base knowledge that will support you in life, and in future careers where you may be caring or looking after others.  It often links naturally into other areas of study including PHSCE, Careers, Science, RS, Health and PE. 


What will I study?


If you are in Y10 you will complete 3 components of study over a two year period.

  • Component 1 : Human lifespan development – looking at how people develop across all areas of their health throughout their life times.  You will consider how different factors and events could impact on this development, learning how you could support, or access other professionals to support a person during different phases of their lives. 

  • Component 2 : Health and Social Care Services and values – you will consider the skills and values that you need if you are considering working in education, health care or social care professions in the future.  You will understand why it is important to empower people, and how we can protect vulnerable children young people and adults from harm. 

  • Component 3 : Health and Well Being and Health measures – though measuring health measures and being able to interpret them, you will learn how to improve a person’s lifestyle and therefore reduce the risks their current lifestyle will have on them now and in the future. In addition this will develop your knowledge as to how to keep you and your family healthy as you move through different life stages, with changing responsibilities of looking after others.


If you are in Y11 you will complete 4 units of study over a three year period. In addition to components 1 and 2 above, you will study units on effective Communication and the Impact of Diet on Health.


What happens in lesson?

You will study each component in turn, but this will be interwoven with case studies and scenarios so that you can base your ideas on fictional and real people.  You will complete some work experience, supporting with Y6 in their Transition projects, and may be able to go out into primaries for a full day to support in a classroom as a teaching assistant for the day.  These placements support your understanding and your studies. 


Learning in class will be through various approaches – ICT, Powerpoints, posters, leaflets, story boards, journal, reports, fact files, visitors, discussion and ethical debates.


How will I be assessed?

Y10 - BTEC TECH Award in Health and Social Care.

They study 3 components of work, each contributing 33% of their overall grade.  67% of the overall grade is therefore achieved through developing a portfolio of assignment evidence on 2 of these units.  The final 33.3% is an examination that they sat in Y10.  The components are


  • Human Lifespan Development (33.3%) – studied in Y10 – portfolio of assignment evidence

  • Health and Social Care Values and Services (33.3%) – studied in Y10/11 – portfolio of assignment evidence

  • Planning for Health improvement (33.3%) – studied in Y11 – externally set task that you complete in examined conditions over 2 sessions within a set week in February or May.  In between the 2 sessions you are able to research and develop your ideas, so that you can complete the task in the second session.


Y11 - BTEC First Award in Health and Social Care.

They study 4 units of work, each contributing 25% of their overall grade.  75% of the overall grade is therefore achieved through developing a portfolio of assignment evidence on 3 of these units.  The final 25% is an examination that they sat in Y10.  The units offered are

  • Human Lifespan Development (25%) – studied in Y9/10 – assessment 1 hour exam 

  • Effective Communication (25%) – studied in Y10 – portfolio of assignment evidence

  • Health and Social Care Values (25%) – studied in Y11 – portfolio of assignment evidence

  • Impact of Diet on Health (25%) – studied in Y11 – portfolio of assignment evidence


What skills will I need?

You need to be hardworking and organised, and be prepared to research and gather further evidence for your studies outside of class. You need to be confident in your communication skills, and learning styles, so you can choose the best ways to present your evidence, especially for the assignment portfolio units.  Ultimately, you need an interest in how to care for people, and an enthusiastic and inquisitive nature that enables you to see things from lots of different viewpoints so that you can truly consider the impact factors can have on development.

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