The Inclusion Centre

  Mrs L Cunningham  

Lead ISW for Behaviour   Team Teach Co-ordinator

Miss R Forster  

ISW - Inclusion

Aims of the Department

The aim of the Inclusion Centre is to provide a quiet learning environment for students who require additional support; it is a secure base for students and is an alternative provision to the classroom.  


The Inclusion Centre team supports and encourage students, builds their confidence and gives them skills they need to help develop resilience.   We work with students who demonstrate challenging behaviour and support, motivate and reintegrate them back into their lessons in order for them to succeed in mainstream lessons.


Reasons for using The Inclusion Centre vary greatly but, amongst others, have included bereavement, family breakdown, friendship issues and SEMH issues.  Use of The Inclusion Centre may be on an ad hoc basis, a short term intervention or a long term plan but all pupils have to follow a strict referral procedure.

Typical day in the Inclusion Centre

What the students say about the Inclusion Centre:


“This intervention has shown me ways to deal with my anger and sadness instead of crying myself to sleep and bottling everything up.  I’ve been able to talk to someone who has had a great impact on my life”.


“Working with the Inclusion Centre has really helped me overcome being a shy person who wasn’t confident and strong, I am now both. I think they really helped me. I am very grateful for the work we have done.  Thank you”.


“The Inclusion Centre is a safe place for me to go, I can talk openly and honestly about my problems and the lovely staff there nearly always make me feel better.”


“I wouldn’t have got 8 GCSE’s without the Inclusion Centre, I messed about but they put me back on track, I had some lessons in there which really helped me re focus and my intervention helped me understand why I was getting so angry all the time and helped me to deal with my anger.  I am now at college and love it and I have a part time job, I can see a future for me now.”


“I hated school, I didn’t want to go, so I didn’t for some time.  The Inclusion Centre was my base for a few weeks and the staff in there made me feel more confident and helped me believe in myself, I am now back in all lessons and love school.”


 ‘I think my intervention has helped me to feel better about myself, also I feel like all the weight on my shoulders has now gone since I’ve been getting help from the Inclusion Centre.  I could talk to my key worker instead of keeping everything to myself.  I feel more confident and I know what I can do to avoid problems’