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Our main aim is to ensure that all members of the school community have the skills needed and the resilience to adapt to and overcome everyday challenges and stresses. To achieve this, we will adopt a whole school approach, and continue to develop and embed mental health and wellbeing across our school values and ethos. 

For our students we will:

  • Create an ethos and environment which influences the wellbeing and mental health of all our students

  • Provide a safe environment which nurtures and encourages students sense of self-worth and to engender a belief in students of their ability to be a success

  • Develop a curriculum which meets the needs of all our students in order for them to achieve their optimum learning state, integrating social and emotional skills development within all areas of the curriculum.

  • Develop resilience and good emotional wellbeing through a cohesive and coordinated response at both class and whole school level – ‘The Winterhill Way’ 

  • Provide opportunities to develop good levels of physical health to support greater levels of cognitive function.


Additional information and advice can be found by visiting one of the specialist support services below:

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