The Options Process

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You are going to make some very important decisions about the subjects you will be choosing for Key Stage 4. The Key Stage 4 curriculum is very different from Key Stage 3. You have the opportunity to study a number of different subjects and to be assessed in the way that best suits you. It is important that you choose your subjects carefully.


Core subjects:
In the core you will study mathematics, English language and English literature, science and physical education. There are different qualifications within science. You will be guided by your teachers about which are the most appropriate for you.

Your Option Choices
In addition to the core curriculum, you will be making choices about the other subjects that you can study. Some students will be invited to study courses that best suit their ability and which recognises their achievements across a range of selected subjects.

What does it all mean for you?
The “CHOICES” Section

Within this section, students have an opportunity to choose from a range of courses.

Invitation Courses

Some students will be offered the opportunity to take these subjects, eg: separate sciences, Foundation Learning Tier. You will be informed by your teachers as to why you have been chosen and why these courses might best suit you.


Three Science GCSEs (Separate Sciences)

It is possible to study for three GCSEs in science. If students choose science in option block then they will take three individual GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics. This choice of subjects is a good preparation for science A-levels, but is by no means essential.

To be eligible for this course, students must attain sufficient progress in their end of KS3 assessment and ideally been a higher attaining KS2 student as well.

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It is not always possible to guarantee students the option choices. If there is insufficient demand for a course to run, then some students’ combination of option choices may not be possible to accommodate.