Parental Engagement

My Child at School - NOW LIVE!!


We now have the new parental engagement system up and running, if you want your parental log on details please email with your current mobile number, using the email address we have on file for you and your child's name(s) and year(s) they are in. With this information we can verify your identity and get the correct details to you. 

Details required:  Your name, Mobile number, Childs Name(s) and Year group(s)

Please email using the email

address we have on record for you.

Setting up the MCAS App when you have been given the username and invitation code.

A user guide for the MCAS App once you have signed in and registered

Click on the relevant picture above to download the instructions.

We have moved to Bromcom and will be providing some of the

modules you will see on this video.

You can download the App using the links below, or go to the website to log on when you have been given all your details.

You can access the MCAS site by clicking on the                  icon on the school website.


Show My Homework


Parents/Carers can have their own logon to Show My Homework to monitor what homework has been assigned to their children. You just need a unique code to set up your account which you can get from School. Once you have your code click on the following link. 


You can click on the               icon at the top and bottom of the school website.

When you see the above page click on the link circled as a first time user. As you start typing Winterhill School all schools registered with them will show up, the more of the school name you type the shorter the list will be. You will eventually see Winterhill appear as below. Click on it to enter the school name and then type in your PIN number and click submit.

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