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   Partnership working

Partnership working is essential to school, staff and pupils in having multiple opportunities to access information, advice and guidance about career pathways and the labour market to build knowledge, make contacts and establish new working relationships.

Pupils have different career guidance needs at different stages and giving them the opportunity to access expert careers advice on training, FE, HE, apprenticeships, work experience opportunities and sector specialist employers is crucial to meet the needs of each pupil. These encounters enable pupils to be empowered and inform their own decisions processes in relation to study and career options.

Winterhill School wants to acknowledge the valuable contribution and support given by our partners. Listed below are some but there are many more.


Many organisations support us with many career events. If you support school with the careers programme and would like an acknowledgement please contact: Tania Ashton-Bray, Careers Advisor, 01709 740232,

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