Winterhill School Prefects 2021-22 

Jack - Head Boy - Low res.jpg

Jack - Head boy

The head boy role is something that I have strived and worked extremely hard for . Leading the Prefect team alongside the head girl (Teagan) can prove to be challenging and take me out of my comfort zone, however confidence is key to success and I lead by example. I always aspire to the fact that “you either win or you learn” . My success is made from my mistakes and this is my foundation. This motivates me to execute what I start, confidently. As head boy I will always strive to encourage students to see the positive side of every error and for them to know that there is always someone there to speak to should you need to. Our 5o strong prefect team will lead by that example.

Teagan - Head Girl - Low res.jpg

Tegan - Head girl

The head girl role at Winterhill has always been something I have wanted. Over this last year I had doubted my capabilities but, through hard work and the right motivation from people around me I was able to overcome those mental challenges and come back stronger , anything is possible despite the challenges in front of you. I intend to not only build and support the Prefect team to become the best they can be but to be that ‘go to’ that all staff and all students can depend on. Mental wellbeing is at the forefront of my focus, and I, along with jack and Emily intend to help create a nurturing and encouraging environment for every student so that they can reach their full potential to prepare themselves for their future after Winterhill school.