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Student Expectations

Google Classroom is where your class teachers will upload your learning tasks, lesson resources, assignments and class assessments.


Please click the above icon to access the google classroom page for homework and / or home learning. 

Student Expectations: 

• You must access your Google Classroom as you would your normal timetable, ensuring that you follow the timings set by your class teachers.

• It is important that you are completing the learning tasks set prior to starting and submitting any assessed piece of work.

• You will be expected to complete the weekly assessment, set by your class teachers, and submit these via google classroom prior to starting the next week’s work.

• You will receive teacher feedback on any assessments submitted which you can then level-up.

Student Guides for Google Classroom 

Logging in to Google Classroom
Accessing Google Classroom Assignments
Uploading Google Classroom Assignments
Click on the logo for help logging onto Chrome and accessing school resources.
Click on the logo to get help working in Google classroom on an assignment.
Students, access your 'My Documents' from Home using HAP+

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