Careers Research

Use the websites below to research any career ideas you have. Find out and think about:

  • What a job involves - Will you enjoy it?

  • What skills are needed - Will you be good at it?

  • What qualifications are needed - Are you willing/able to gain those qualifications?

  • Pay - Is it high enough (for you)?

  • Hours of Work - Are you willing to work those hours?

  • Place of Work - Will it be noisy, dirty, outside/inside? Are there jobs locally or will you have to move?

This is a brilliant careers database called JED (Job Explorer Database) which allows you to search through 100's of careers and find out more about them. The 'Suits Me' quiz is good if you do not have definite career ideas. If you answer some questions about yourself, JED will suggest jobs to look at. 

If you click the image, you will need a licence code to access the site (Please ask Mrs Taylor for the licence code) or this can be accessed in school without the code via Student Intranet OR Pupil Resources/Careers.

Lots of different vidoes that you can watch and find out more about careers. Click on Explore Career Videos and either search by Job Type or Subject. The Buzz Quiz is good if you do not have any career ideas yet - this 5 min quiz will link your personality to an animal and to suggested careers.

These provide information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work. Click on Job Profiles and type in the career you are interested in or choose from the list of 'job families'. They have profiles on over 800 different types of job, from archivist to zoologist

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