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Key Stage 4 Revision

Over 100,000 Resources and Activities available across all subject areas and linked to exam board specification content.

Revise Activities. 10 – 15 minute activities to review knowledge and understanding
Test Activities. Test questions with mark-schemes to self-check  answers
Exam Papers. Timed exam papers with mark-schemes to self-check answers

Proven to Improve learner Progress!


•Use My Set Tasks- if staff have set specific work to do.

•Use Activities - to search for specific topics to work on for independent learning and accelerating progress.


Access Details
You are able to access the SAM Learning service at anytime and anywhere – and it works on any device, from smartphone to home PC.  All you need to do is visit the website and enter your unique login details:

Website address:


Parental Support

•Ask your child are there any set tasks by staff on SAM Learning to complete.

•Encourage your child to use SAM Learning to focus on subjects and topics they are not confident with.

•Check the success of your child on activities on SAM Learning – Aim for 80% + on all activities. If less than 80% is achieved encourage your child to have another attempt.

We hope that your child is able to take full advantage of SAM Learning and wish them the best of luck in their revision and exams.

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