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SEND Events

This year the SEN Team at Winterhill are committed to strengthening communications with parents through a number of informal ‘Coffee Mornings’ each focusing on a different aspect of SEN.

The first morning was organised for parents of our students with ASD/ADHH/ODD diagnoses. There was an opportunity for parents to talk to staff about how we support their children in school and ask any questions they may have. They were also able to meet other parents and share their experiences. We also have had representatives of Parents Forum (an official independent forum led by Rotherham parents, working in partnership with the Local Authority, Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group, Health services and other private and voluntary organisations) and The National Autistic Association to answer or assist parents with any queries they have had.

This event took place on:

Tuesday 14th November in the Network@Winterhill

Special thank you to Sarah Alexander , Lisa Atkin , Russel Wells and Daniel

Thank you to all parents who attended this event and your valuable feedback.


Event: 30th January 2018 - The SEN Coffee morning for parents of Y10 &11 students

The SEN Coffee morning for parents of Y10 &11 students with SEN. This event was a part of transition work to post 16 provision . All parents and students had an opportunity to talk to representatives from our local Ks5 providers :


  • Rotherham College of Art and Technology 

  • Thomas Rotherham College 

  • Wickersly 6 th form 

  • Brinstworth 6 form 

  • CTS

  • Rotherham united 

  • Barnsley college 


As well as the representatives from : SENDIASS and Parents Forum and the National Autism Association.   

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