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Tanzania 2019

Winterhill are proud to be working in partnership with World Challenge are we are excited to bring you something out of the ordinary – an expedition travelling to Northern Tanzania in 2019. This once in a lifetime opportunity that will set students apart, empowering them to stand strong in front of employers and universities. We share a belief that by empowering the students to lead their own expedition, they will go on to live a life of courage, kindness and adventure.


This encourages students to develop life skills and build deeper confidence, resilience and empathy. Students will be aiming to raise funds for this one in a lifetime expedition by organising various events both as a team and an individuals. Students will complete all the administration and tasks required from booking transport to accommodation, budgeting and cooking. 

During the expedition students will be flying to Kilimanjaro International Airport then arrive at Moshi where they will visit coffee / tea plantations and try to settle into the region. 

Following this we will spend a few days trekking through the lush and fertile Pares Mountains which form part of the Eastern Arc Mountains. While the mountains are densely populated, the rich traditions and folklore of the Pare people who inhabit the mountains remain largely untouched and tourists rarely visit the area. 

Students will be working with a local community project which provides the opportunity to interact with a local community. Students will be expected to lead by example and show the value of a good, hard working ethic. The project is likely to involve working to improve the local educational facilities but will certainly leave all students with memories and friendships to last a lifetime. Following this students will support a local tree planting project where they will be contributing to an ambitious project of reforesting the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro; helping in turn to reverse the devastating effects of deforestation for the local environment. 

The final stage of the expedition gives students the chance to see Africa’s impressive wildlife. Stunning backdrops will provide students with close-encounters with some of nature’s finest creatures. 

Please keep reading our page for updates of what the students have been doing to help raise funds, plan and prepare for a fascinating, once in a lifetime experience.

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