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School Uniform and Equipment

Please find details below of our Winterhill Uniform expectations: 

Winterhill School uniform

  • Shirt: Plain white.

  • Tie: School design – a clip on tie must be worn by all students.

  • Jumper / Cardigan: School design – ‘V’ neck with school badge.

  • Trousers:  Plain black tailored trousers

  • Skirt: Plain black material, simple, standard style and of an appropriate length, not fashion style. Optional for girls. 

  • Socks or tights: Black socks, black tights or flesh.

  • Footwear: Plain black outdoor shoes are required - please note training shoes of any style, shape or colour are not acceptable.

  • Outdoor coat: Outdoor coats should not be worn in the school building or as a substitute for other items of uniform. 

  • Technology apron: For use in creative/technology areas.  Recommended for garment protection.

  • Jewellery: One pair of plain studs for students with pierced ears, a single ring and a watch may be worn.

  • Please note:  We discourage the wearing of jewellery for reasons of safety – studs, if worn, must be removed for Physical Education. Other forms of body piercing are inappropriate and unacceptable.  Nose studs, lip and tongue rings and studs, as well as naval piercing jewellery are banned.  Persistent disregard for this rule may result in an exclusion.

Additionally, the school accepts some variations to school uniform that are required by religious and cultural norms (eg head scarves).  All uniform should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

​The uniform should be clean and in good repair.  It should be worn smartly and conventionally.  Students who, without good reason, fail to wear the school uniform correctly will attract a sanction.  If temporarily unable to wear full school uniform, students must provide a dated letter of explanation from a parent or carer.  Such letters will normally receive sympathetic consideration.  

This does not negate the Headteacher’s right to expect students to wear the correct school uniform or to send a student home if the reason is judged to be unacceptable.


School Equipment

Full equipment is compulsory. Ensure that you are properly equipped, this will also support the reduced mixing and sharing of items in line with the school's hygiene standards. 


You must bring each day:

• A bag large enough to carry books, equipment and PE/Games kit.
• Your student planner.
• Pens (x2), pencils, sharpener, ruler and eraser as a minimum.
• Highlighter, pencil crayons / felt tips.
• Scientific calculator and basic geometrical instruments - compass (useful for mathematics, science and technology).
• PE/Games kit as specified by teaching staff, see  below.  Remember that PE/Games Kit is part of the school uniform and also essential subject equipment. 

Mobile Phones, MP3 Players and other electronic devices

School takes no responsibility for loss or theft of such items.  Students who bring these devices into school must ensure they are switched off and in their bags during lesson time.  Anyone using these devices during lessons will have them confiscated and ONLY returned to a parent or carer.


School PE Kit



All footwear should be plain black

  • If boots are to be worn then the trouser must be worn over the boot

  • Flat shoes can be worn with a black bow

  • If unsure please speak with your BFL before wearing them.

Examples of unacceptable footwear
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