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What is it?


Giving your time to do something useful, without getting paid for it.

Why bother?


  • Gives you the chance to help others/ be involved with something you are really passionate about.

  • Helps you to develop new skills – confidence, working with others, communication…

  • Offers an insight into the world of work and is something good to put on your CV. Goto the CVs and Application Forms page for help with this.

  • Can gain a reference for when you apply for Part-time Jobs, Apprenticeships or Colleges/Sixth Forms.

What kind of things can I do?


There are lots of opportunities available:

  • Animals and Wildlife     

  • Business                             

  • Campaigning/ Fundraising

  • Children/Young People                           

  • Construction/Practical

  • Environment/Conservation

  • Media

  • Music

  • Performing Arts                                      

  • Sports

Things to Consider
  • You need to decide how much time you can devote to volunteering. Some organisations might ask for a minimum amount of hours every week whilst others might ask for a few hours every month. Some opportunities might be a one-off event or project.

  • Some volunteering opportunities might not be available for under 16 year olds, due to insurance or safeguarding.

  • Some organisations might be looking for specific skills or previous experience but the vast majority want people who have time to give and who are enthusiastic.

Where do I start?

V-Inspired is a charity that connects young people with volunteering opportunities. Use the website to search opportunities near you and apply online. Will need to register your details to the website.

Use the website to search volunteering opportunities near you. Can apply online if you register your details to the website or you can contact Voluntary Action Rotherham for more details -

NCS is an experience for 15-17 year olds which allows you to build skills for work and life.


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