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Disciplinary Literacy Across the Curriculum 

Within our curriculum, our pedagogy aims to develop disciplinary literacy for every student regardless of their starting points. Reading, writing and oracy are key elements of our curriculum intent and implementation to ensure students develop this disciplinary knowledge from Y7 through to Y11. 

Please see below how we embed disciplinary Literacy into our curriculum as well as our reading strategy which includes interventions for reading catch-up (Fresh Start) and personalisation of lesson pedagogy. 











Winterhill Reading



At Winterhill, we know how important it is that our students understand the value of reading and gain enjoyment from it. Therefore we provide students with lots of opportunities to read for pleasure, whilst also ensuring they are exposed to a wide breadth and depth of reading within their curriculum study and form time periods. 

Reading interventions are also at the heart of our curriculum with our reading recovery lessons embedded into our English curriculum via Fresh Start (Phonics).



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