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Health and Social Care Curriculum Intent


“Considering how individuals develop holistically, and the factors that affect this”


At Winterhill School, we learn in Health and Social Care that we are all individuals that develop at different rates, depending on our abilities, opportunities and experiences.  This supports our vision for every student to succeed, and develop into well rounded individuals who are respectful of their peers and others in the wider community. They should develop a range of skills and care values, important if they move into careers in education, health care, social care, and those engaging with people in the public domain. These values will be applied to different health and social care settings, encouraging students to research about the settings and the roles that people play within these, and how they can help promote all aspects of health.  Students will develop resilience when building knowledge and skills, and in persevering with long term projects and coursework, so that they can reach their true potential. 


Health and Social Care, has at its core, a consideration of promoting holistic health, encompassing its range of physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects.  They will study this across the 6 life stages, from 0-90, highlighting how human relationships, physical environments, external factors and socioeconomic status may influence how they develop. They will learn about different life events, how they may impact on health, considering different support services who may support them.  They learn about the barriers that may prevent people accessing support, so that they can reflect on the difficulties that some people experience in accessing what many of us take for granted. Interleaved through the course is the expectation for students to consider how British Values shape our development and views, and how importance it is, for all people, to respect each other, whilst promoting anti-discriminatory practices within our community.


Our Health and Social Care students will have opportunities to critically reflect on and analyse case studies, enabling them to apply the knowledge they have gained to real life, and real to life scenarios.  Personally, these may be similar to situations that they themselves, or people they know, will have, or could experience as they get older.  They will leave Winterhill, with a broad range of skills that will therefore impact on their adult life, both personally and potentially career based, and have an understanding of what life may throw them.  Health and Social Care can be further studied at college and university, and can support a range of careers in all areas of education, health and social care.  Many of our past students have progressed on to becoming social workers, nurses, doctors, teachers, nursery nurses, care assistants and paramedics, amongst many other caring professions.

Why Study Health and Social Care?

Health and Social Care is a successful course in school, and one which has an excellent reputation for enabling students to achieve consistently at the highest levels.  It’s main focus is learning about how people develop from 0-90, through different life stages and the impact various factors can have on that journey in a negative/positive way.  You will look holistically at people, exploring their physical, intellectual, emotional and social health, providing you with a base knowledge that will support you in life, and in future careers where you may be caring or looking after others.  It often links naturally into other areas of study including PHSCE, Careers, Science, RS, Health and PE.

KS4 Curriculum Overview































What skills will I need?

You need to be hardworking and organised, and be prepared to research and gather further evidence for your studies outside of class. You need to be confident in your communication skills, and learning styles, so you can choose the best ways to present your evidence, especially for the assignment portfolio units.  Ultimately, you need an interest in how to care for people, and an enthusiastic and inquisitive nature that enables you to see things from lots of different viewpoints so that you can truly consider the impact factors can have on development.

Component 1 

  • Human Growth and Development

    • A1 Human Lifestage development   0-90s

    • A2  Factors Affecting Development

  • Investigating Life Events

    • B1 Different types of Life Events

    • B2  Coping with change caused by Life Events

Component 3.1 

  • Factors and indicators

    • A1  Factors that affect Health and Well Being

    • B1  Lifestyle indicators

Component 2 

  • Understanding Health and Social Care Services 

    • A1  Health and Social Care Services

    • A2  Barriers to Accessing Services

  • Care Values

    • B1  Range of Care Values

    • B2 Reviewing and evaluating own Care Values

Component 3.2

  • Designing and implementing health plans

    • C1 Health and Well Being Improvement Plans

    • C2 Obstacles to implementing health plans

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