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Drama Curriculum Intent


At the core of all CPA lessons is the opportunity to experience and to create The Arts. Every lesson in Drama is underpinned by the three Rs. We will build resilience by encouraging students to work independently with others, developing and refining their ideas and responses to creative challenges. Students will contribute to a safe and respectful environment, where they can build their own confidence and appreciation of the work of others while deepening their appreciation of diversity in British culture. Through collaboration, planning and organising, students will further develop their core life skills. They will learn to take responsibility for their actions and the impact they will have on the work and on others. Students will acquire the knowledge, language and skills to be able to express their ideas creatively, whilst developing an empathy and sensitivity to other views and perspectives. We will build cultural capital and an appreciation of theatre as an art form through the opportunity to experience drama in a variety of settings including after school clubs, experiencing live theatre and performing in school productions.

Intent Key Principles:

  • Give learners the opportunity to experience live (recorded) quality theatre.

  • Give learners the opportunity to make drama / theatre.

  • Provide learners with the environment and skills to develop their creative confidence.

  • Develop learners’ skills and knowledge to equip them to meet creative challenges.

  • Equip learners with the language to be able to confidently express their thoughts and ideas.

Why Study Drama?

There is a lot packed into this course but the good news is, most of the work is explored practically! You will study two plays DNA by Dennis Kelly and A Taste of Honey by Shelagh Delaney and learn the skills to create your own drama, as well as becoming a stronger and more confident performer. As theatre review writing is part of the course, you will go to the theatre at least twice to improve your knowledge of how theatre works.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview


GCSE Drama Curriculum Overview










What skills will I need?

You bring creativity, enthusiasm and positive feelings about performing and we will develop your confidence, understanding and your skills.

Year 7

  • Introduction to Drama

  • Communicating Without Words

  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

  • Shrek The Musical Live

  • Devising

Year 8

  • Non-Naturalism


  • Blood Brothers

  • Billy Elliott Live

Year 9

  • Theatre Makers through  Live Performance

  • Introduction to DNA by Dennis Kelly

  • Theatre Skills in Live Performance

  • Communicate Intention for Live Performance

  • Theatre Makers through Text

Year 10

  • Devising Skills 

  • Component 1 Devising & Portfolio

  • Component 3 DNA

Year 11

  • Component 2 (Acting with Text) & Component 3 preparation

  • Component 3 Performances

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